May 11, 2010

The other day I was on a train, on my way home from Gisbourne, and my friend confronted me with some rather interesting yet unsettling views about me. She described what she thought about my inner thoughts and motives behind actions. She ended up explaining to me about how she and I were always competing against each other with everything because we are so similar. At this point I was getting frustrated because I had the opposite opinion to the one she was trying to articulate (without hurting my feelings...I guess).

I have always thought the two of us to be quite different, and not very similar in our tastes at all especially when it comes to the inner workings of our mind, I’ve always thought that I was not a competitive person at all...especially when it comes to sport.

But getting to my point this conversation did end in tears, but not an argument just a very strong difference on opinion.

As she and I parted ways to our various houses I was thinking about how others view me and how I view others, if it is in fact easier to see yourself then it is to see others for who anyone truly is...or is it the other way round.

Although after that revelation I am now a little paranoid about how people see me and if they are psycho analyzing me to such an’s a little frightening to think about so ill leave you with a nice picture...sort of.


  1. i completely know how you feel... recently a friend confronted me with his list of "all the reasons hes ever hated me" before assuring me that he "thinks im awesome, now."
    just remember, everyone thinks differently but youre entitled to be you so embrace that!

  2. why thankyou rose, that is reassuring :) and im glad this guy now thinks your awesome because thats the impression i get.