May 17, 2010

Inter Pol.

Sitting back in inter pol, listening to my classmates having heated opinions on matters of politics. I generally just sit back and take in all the information, though I have many opinions of my own just don’t feel comfortable expressing them and then getting them torn down by a loud person who is good at arguing their point. I’m not saying that I have no knowledge about the topic or what I’m arguing, I’m just not that good at conflict, which is weird because when I argue about other things...such as feelings and people who have done me wrong I can tear my opponents argument apart. I think I just need more confidence in this class...which means more study. This is awkward because I have way too much to do, and I have trouble getting anything done on time. Which is my fault...I need to focus.
Sorry I really should not be bitching about school, but it’s just boring me recently. The classes are tedious and my friends are not appealing anymore. I live for the weekend which I guess most people do...actually I guess this is just a pointless post.
....something more interesting ok well I just got back from a three day out door ed. camp on Sunday that was an experience to remember.
All up there were about nineteen girls. the first night we all had a massive discussion which naturally was hilarious because we were so overtired that we were insane...the night ended when we tried to roast marshmallows on an inside fire, which lead to the fire alarm going off, which then lead to trouble :/
The next day we went through kayaking again and some navigation work. In the afternoon we learned to tie certain knots which we used to put up tarps...which we slept in that night. After dinner we went on this massive (or quite large) Rogaine cores which went from 7 until 9. We may have got lost and ended up in other various camp sites such as Wesley and Carey.
We then ran to the beach to get our last checkpoint, which was on the beach. This scene was amazing, there was phosphorous in the water so it was glowing it looked truly amazing.
And today I’m back at school; the hot topic seems to be the formal, which I need a little help on...

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