May 26, 2010


I hear friends talking about how they hate summer and love winter because of the opposing fashions. But for me summer is not about fashion or sun or even tanning (I aspire to be pale and healthy) but summer for me is about the atmosphere and feeling I get, the feeling of freedom and not having any obligations to school (or for some even work). I spend most of my summers down at Aireys Inlet with my family and friends, our family have had a house there for over 20 years. Aireys Inlet is where I met my best friend - Lola Jennings-Edquist when we were not so much as one. We met at the beach and the beach is the place that has kept us in contact for so many years.
anyways...i always get offtrack, im talking about the atmosphere of summer, the warmth of the sun and the carelessness of the people.
here are a few snapshots from my previous summer.
one of my bestfriends sam > > > when we were at our friends house who just came home from overseas

------> Clearly a morning person..

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